No Dark Place

The Scouring of Elmhollow

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8 Fortis – 9 Fortis, HR 131

Ghorfal the Voracious

Karthas trapped Ghorfal in a dismissal spell, separating the neogi forces from their commander. An imprisoned thief named Alierris jumped to the aid of the party. The heroes quickly routed the bog hags and neogi servants, allowing them to swiftly eliminate Ghorfal when he rematerialized.

Encounter: Each player receives 1,662 XP.

Clearing the Camp

The party quickly gathered the freed Elmhollowers. Karthas stopped to take a drow dagger from a card table and Alierris grabbed the drow cards deck of cards from same.

Quest complete: Rescue Ethaine Stoneshanks. Each player receives 175 XP.


Upon returning to Elmhollow, the adventurers find the villagers in the midst of a one-sided trial for a captured drow who had been found prowling the edges of the village. Alierris gathered that the village wanted him quickly found guilty and lynched, and Karthas took charge. Iraz didn’t want unnecessary blood on his hands, but was afraid to defy the town’s bloodlust. Karthas rendered a quick sentence: death, and the drow was dragged into the night by the mob of enraged villagers.

Quest complete: Save Elmhollow. Each player receives 700 XP. Karthas, Shade, Arillia, and Ni’shand each receive 982 gold pieces, and Alierris receives 491 gold pieces. Iraz also gives you the Ring of Elmhollow, but it was not immediately claimed.


The five adventurers retrieved the wagon of cold iron armaments given to them by Verris and made their way out of Elmhollow. They decided they needed to return the weapons and explain what happened in order to avoid being held accountable for the financial loss, as obviously the Elmhollowers could not afford to make the payment for the weapons. It’s dubious whether they could ever have afforded cold iron blades, or if they had simply agreed to any price Verris set to save their town.


Number-crunching summary:


  • 2,537 XP gained by all characters, putting you at 37,712 XP. To level up you’ll need 39,000.


  • Ni’shand used his elixir of dragon’s breath.
  • Ni’shand acquired a deck of drow cards.
  • Karthas acquired a drow dagger.
  • Karthas, Arillia, Ni’shand, and Shade each acquired 982 gp.
  • Alierris acquired 491 gp.
  • The party acquired the Ring of Elmhollow.
  • The party regained the wagon cache of cold iron blades.


*You all took an extended rest at the end of the session.

The Scouring of Elmhollow

Also, in terms of equipment, Karthas burned 140 gp worth of sanctified incense to power his discern lies ritual.

The Scouring of Elmhollow
Academician Academician

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