How’s this? I just threw it together. -PW

Character Sheet

Make the above text a link to a Google document containing your character sheet as a PDF. This will give us an official character sheet for you, as well as providing information for someone else who might be running your character if you’re absent.

Combat Status

  • Health
    • 46/73 hit points, 2 temporary hit points.
    • 7/8 healing surges.
  • Current Conditions and Effects
    • Ongoing 10 poison damage.
    • Slowed.
    • Rain of steel stance is active.

Corrections to Character Sheet

  • Attack rolls should include a +5 awesome bonus from the drow dagger, an artifact of unimaginable power.
  • Arillia is a bariaur:
    • Gain the following traits.
    • Lose the following traits.

Combat Workspace

  • Basic Melee Attack: +17 vs. AC
    • +4 Strength modifier
    • +6 one-half level
    • +3 enhancement bonus
    • +3 proficiency bonus
    • +1 Weapon Focus (longsword) feat
  • Conditional Modifiers
    • +2 bonus on opportunity attacks with heavy blades or light blades (Blade Opportunist feat)
    • +1 to attack rolls until the end of my next turn after I score a critical hit (


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