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  • Multiverse

    bq). The multiverse is an arrangement of several planes of existence. Some scholars maintain that mortals will never know all of the planes that exist, but there are several major planes that play the largest role in planar society.

    Astral Sea

    Beyond the circles of the [[Outlands | mortal world]] lies an expanse of infinite possibility. The Astral Sea is a great silvery void in which countless fragments of divine or mortal purpose drift—dreams, ideas, and wishes, as well as fears and dark …

  • Sigil

    *Sigil*, called *the City of Doors* and *the Cage*, is the city located (presumedly) atop the infinite [[Spire]] in the center of the [[Outlands]]. It is ruled over by the [[Lady of Pain]], a frighteningly powerful and mysterious figure capable of …

  • Elmhollow

    Elmhollow is a town in the Kragholme, a small federation of independent communities located in the [[Feywild]]. The nearest major city is [[Tradegate]]. The party traveled to Elmhollow when it was attacked by the [[Bloody Chain]]. _(Quest: [[Save …

  • Tradegate

    Gate-town located in the [[Feywild]] with portals to and from [[Sigil]]. It is something of a travel hub between the two, and one of the more "civilized" settlements you could find in the Faerie Realm.

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