The party has found a sphere of annihilation on Avidarel.

Spheres of annihilation are dangerous for their potential use as weapons. Able to utterly destroy anything they touch, they are supremely dangerous to be around. It’s unsettling to think of the danger of such an artifact falling into the wrong hands, whether a crazed cult, depraved wizard, or Blood War general.

Objective: Find out how to destroy a sphere of annihilation.
Complete: A sphere of annihilation can theoretically be destroyed by either a gate spell or a rod of cancellation.

Objective: Find a spellcaster who can create a gate.
Complete: No one in the party is powerful enough to cast a gate ritual, but certain spellcasters sell such services. One of them is Ramander the Wise, a resident of Sigil and a businessman who catalogs known portals for profit. His services as the self-proclaimed Master of Portals have been procured by Karthas for a fee.

Objective: Destroy the sphere of annihilation.


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