Avidarel Traits

Type: Astral dominion (shattered dominion)
Size and shape: Rocky planetoid roughly 19 miles across at its widest dimension; bounded.
Gravity: Normal.
Mutability: Normal.

Strong Gravity: Creatures’ speed on Avidarel is reduced by 1.
Gloom: Avidarel absorbs light, reducing the radius illuminated by any light source by 50 percent. Magical light sources are unaffected. Attacks with the radiant keyword deal half damage (ongoing damage is not affected).
Howling Winds: Outside of the shelter of a sturdy structure, all of these detrimental effects are imposed by the howling winds: All creatures take a -4 penalty to Perception checks. Flying creatures treat all squares as difficult terrain.

Environmental Features

Avidarel has no natural light sources, and is shrouded in darkness under normal circumstances. Its surface is cursed with extreme cold, which poses an environmental danger (DMG, p.159). To withstand the cold, DC 24 Endurance checks must be made. Lodestone is a common terrain feature.


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