Campaign Language Rules

Note: This page could have been and almost was called “Planeguages.” For changing my mind, you are all welcome.

Languages don’t work in this campaign quite like they do in the Player’s Handbook. Further complicating the issue is the fact that this change was not implemented when the characters were first created. Nevertheless, I feel that languages could stand a change with two goals in mind. First, to give languages as implemented in the game a little more depth. After all, only ten languages spoken in the entire universe? Unlikely. Each language named after the race that speaks it? Pretty lame. Secondly, to tailor the list of languages more closely to the setting. Finally, we can find out what language is spoken by bladelings. Don’t worry, it’s a weird one.

The first step is to take a look at the list of languages I’ve set up on the wiki. Then, take a look below and figure out what languages you’re fluent in.

Languages by Character


Bariaur: Common, choice of one other. (No change needed)


Human: Common, choice of one other. (No change needed)
Linguist: Choose three languages. (No change needed)


Githzerai: Common, Githjad. (Githjad is the racial language of githzerai, not Deep Speech.)


Tiefling: Common, choice of one other. (No change needed)
Vile Scholar Starting Feature: You are fluent in your choice of Abyssal, Draconic, Enochian, Infernal, or Ith. (You can find forbidden tomes in plenty of languages.)


Satyr: Common, your choice of either Einherjal or Elven. (Many satyrs speak Einherjal in their own communities rather than Elven.)
Scholar Level 10 Feature: You gain fluency in ten languages of your choice. (This does require some rethinking on your part. If you want, most of the core languages still have representation, even if by another name. But it is significant to note that you’ll speak a lot of languages, but probably not every language you ever encounter.)

Campaign Language Rules

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