Campaign Timeline

This timeline notates according to the calendar most commonly used in Sigil.

HR 130

HR 131

  • 9 Fol: Ni’shand travels to the Elemental Chaos in search of answers.
  • 24 Antistita: Karthas is ordained as a priest of Erathis.
  • 12 Currus: The Bloody Chain begin their assault of the Kragholme. Several settlements, including Elmhollow fall under attack.
  • 31 Currus: Hayten Stoneshanks leads a failed revolt against the Bloody Chain and is killed.
  • 3 Fortis: Verris receives a desperate call for armaments from Elmhollow.
  • 5 Fortis: Shade arrives in Hestavar.
  • 6 Fortis: Verris hires the party to travel to Elmhollow and deliver
  • 7 Fortis: The party reaches Tradegate.
  • 8 Fortis: The party reaches Elmhollow, learns of the town’s disaster, and decides to help. The party travels downriver to attack the slave-market fortress of the Bloody Chain. Ghorfal is slain, and the rest of the clan is killed or scattered. Alierris joins the party.
  • 9 Fortis: The lost Elmhollowers return to their village. Karthas weighs in on a captured drow standing trial by the angry villagers. With his approval, the villagers hang the drow. The adventurers depart from Elmhollow.

HR 132

  • 12 Elidos: The Eye of Twilight departs from Deepsilver Harbor and sails to Avidarel.

Campaign Timeline

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