Deliver Weapons to Elmhollow

Verris has hired the party to transport a wagon of weapons to the town of Elmhollow, in the Kragholme, a valley of small, independent communities in the Feywild. They are then to return to Verris with payment in the form of 16,000 gp.

The party picked up the weapons cache from the Great Foundry and then moved them via portal to Tradegate, and from there to Elmhollow.

The weapons being transported are of cold iron, a material which produces blades especially deadly to fey creatures.

Once arriving in Elmhollow, the party discovered it had been overtaken by a band of mercenaries. Being too late to sell weaponry to the resistance effort, the party hid the weapons under some brush in the woods near the village. The wagon of weapons currently sits there, still.

Quest Tasks:

  • Deliver weapons to Elmhollow.
  • Return to Verris with 16,000 gp.

Quest Rewards:

  • 4,500 gp.
  • 2,800 XP.

Deliver Weapons to Elmhollow

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