This gibbering bat-thing is bound to your service but it would rather be back in the Shadowfell.
Speed 3, fly 5 (hover)
Constant Benefits
You gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks.
You can read and speak Abyssal.
Active Benefits
Alchemical Synergy: Once per encounter, when you hit a bloodied creature adjacent to your familiar, you gain 1d8 temporary hit points.
Level 11: 2d8 temporary hit points.
Level 21: 3d8 temporary hit points.

Class and Race Features

Bloodhunt – +1 on attacks against bloodied foes.
Eldritch Pact – You have made a pact with Amyrex, the Watcher in Darkness. Spells of vengeance and spite fill your mind.
Master of Shadows – When you reduce any enemy to 0 hit points with your shadowblade, you gain a gloom shard. You can have up to five gloom shards at a time. After an extended rest, your unexpended gloom shards vanish, but you gain a gloom shard. As a minor action, you can expend a gloom shard to gain one of the following effects.

  • You gain combat advantage against an adjacent enemy until the end of your turn.
  • You gain a +5 bonus to the next Stealth check you make this turn.
  • You douse a light source until the end of your next turn. The light source must be within 10 squares of you and must be no larger than a lantern.

Prime Shot – If no allies are closer to target than you, get +1 on ranged attack rolls against them.
Shadow Walk – On your turn, if you move 3 or more squares from your starting square, you gain concealment until the end of your next turn.
Shadowblade Action – When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain combat advantage of all your attacks until the end of your turn, and as your last action of the turn, you can teleport 10 squares as a free action.
Weapon of the Night – As a minor action, you can create a shadowblade. You are proficient in its use. The shadowblade disappears if you are not touching it at the end of your turn.


Brutal Shroud – Whenever you make the damage roll for your assassin’s shroud, reroll each die that shows a 1 until it shows a different number.
Prime Punisher – If no other ally is adjacent to an enemy you are adjacent to, for melee attacks against that enemy, you receive any bonuses you gain while using your Prime Shot class feature.
Vengeful Curse – When an enemy hits you, you can use your Warlock’s Curse as an immediate reaction against that enemy, even if it is not the enemy nearest to you.
Shadow Initiate [Multiclass Assassin] – You gain training in the Stealth skill. Twice per encounter, you can use the assassin’s shroud power. In addition, you can wield assassin implements.
Ritual Caster – You can master and perform rituals of your level or lower.


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