Finding the Tau Danu Trader

The Planar Trade Consortium transport spelljammer the Tau Danu Trader has been lost. The PTC Find the Tau Danu Trader to any who can discover the ship’s fate and return its cargo.

Objective: Find the crash site of the Tau Danu Trader.
Complete: The ship crash-landed on Avidarel.

Objective: Find out what happened to the Tau Danu Trader.
Complete: Based on the Tau Danu Logbook, the ship was transporting a sphere of annihilation and set down on Avidarel to maroon some saboteur crew members. The sphere destroyed the ship either before or after reaching the plane. Evidently, the ship fell under attack by a pack of boneclaws who killed any survivors.

Objective: Enter the caverns of Avidarel.
Complete: Inside the tunnels, the party found the final crew member, as well as a talisman to control a sphere of annihilation. Searching farther to located the sphere, they encountered an angry dracolich.

Objective: Defeat Ishturghyth the Deathless.
Complete: The party entered the lair of the dracolich and, though it was a powerful opponent, they eventually prevailed by drawing the creature into the sphere of annihilation.

Objective: Bring the sphere of annihilation back to the surface and leave Avidarel.
Complete: Karthas called for the Eye of Twilight by signaling with a crossbow bolt affected by a light spell. The ship then returned to Deepsilver Harbor.

Finding the Tau Danu Trader

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