Rescue Ethaine Stoneshanks

After the mayor, Hayten Stoneshank, was killed by drow mercenaries working for the neogi who captured Elmhollow, his son Iraz was imprisoned on the south side of town along with some other leaders, but Iraz’s twin sister Ethaine was too much of a rabble-rowser and so was sent downriver along with some other prisoners. The people of Elmhollow have turned to Iraz for leadership during this crisis, and he has asked the party to rescue Ethaine and the other Elmhollowers who were taken downriver.

Quest Tasks

  • Find Ethaine Stoneshank and the other Elmhollowers captured by the Bloody Chain.
  • Return them safely to Elmhollow.

Quest Status

  • Completed.

Quest Rewards

  • 700 XP

Rescue Ethaine Stoneshanks

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