Save Elmhollow

Elmhollow has been beset by the Bloody Chain, a neogi slaver clan, and its mercenary drow, mezzoloths, and cyclopses. The villagers have asked you to drive off the garrison in the town as well as assault their camp downriver to prevent reprisal.

When the drow mercenaries first arrived in town, they set themselves up as the new leadership and confined the mayor, Hayten Stoneshanks to house arrest. Stoneshanks, his children, and some of the other townsfolk drove off the first group of drow and then sent word of the town’s need for arms and furtively established a supplies contract with Verris to deliver cold iron weapons to defend against further drow. Too soon, though, the drow returned with mighty cyclops enforcers and they killed the mayor and arrested his children.

The party rescued Iraz Stoneshanks and some of the town elders. A disagreement broke out between two groups of villagers. The first group, led by Deanen, thought that the adventurers should leave immediately and the town should resume the work that the drow gave them. When the drow returned, the villagers could honestly claim that outsiders killed the garrison and beg for mercy. They believed that any attempt to put down the Bloody Chains would utterly fail and would only incite the wrath of the slavers to kill more villageres. The other group, led by Iraz, hoped the adventurers could save the town by attacking the Bloody Chains’ encampment and fighting them off.

In addition to the eternal gratitude of Elmhollow, Iraz has offered to pay the heroes most of what remains of his family wealth that the drow have not plundered. What’s more, the villagers want to bestow their town’s heirloom and symbol, an ancient shield enchanted with protective magic, upon any who can deliver them from slavery.

Quest Tasks:

  • Find the encampment of the Bloody Chain.
  • End their reign of terror in the Kragholme.

Quest Status

  • Completed

Quest Rewards

Save Elmhollow

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