sphere of annihilation

The sphere of annihilation—a globe of perfect darkness, cold and quiet, a hole in the fabric of reality that represents blind, endless consumption. Its destruction is so complete that even the most powerful spells fail to restore those consumed. Raise dead, resurrection, and even reincarnate —all fall before the sphere of annihilation’s terrible void. Only the direct intervention of the gods can bring its victims back to life.

A sphere of annihilation cannot move on its own, although characters can attempt to move it with mental commands. Such attempts are not without risk, and those without sufficient mental dominance may regret setting the sphere in motion without being able to properly control its direction. A magic talisman, specific to an individual sphere, assists in controlling a sphere of annihilation.

Karthas knows that some within the Doomguard revere the spheres of annihilation as objects of pure entropy. One of the faction’s greatest leaders, Ely Cromlich, is believed to have committed suicide shortly after the Faction War by leaping off the bow of a ship into one such sphere. It is a well-known legend that the Doomguard used to keep multiple spheres of annihilation in their headquarters in Sigil. These may have served as a nihilist shrine, or were possibly used for study. Most curious speculators assume, though, that the spheres were being kept safe to use as a tool of destruction in some yet-unknown war, and that they would be the chief weapon of the Doomguard, for they are capable of destroying any known object. And affter all, the Doomguard’s headquarters were aptly called the Armory.

There are two known means of destroying a sphere of annihilation. The magic of a gate spell has a chance to destroy a sphere of annihilation, as well as a chance of having no effect and a chance of consuming all nearby matter along with the sphere. A rod of cancellation will destroy a sphere of annihilation in a tremendous explosion.

sphere of annihilation

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