Tau Danu Logbook

This logbook, penned by Captain Laret Mathon of the Planar Trade Consortium‘s Tau Danu Trader, describes the vessel’s course and activities.

9 Fol, HR 132
The Trader has made port at Hestavar. Master Ealon has gone ashore with four of our porters to deliver the cold iron and collect our fee. I have granted the crew an additional half-day’s shore leave, then we set sail on our return voyage.

16 Fol, HR 132
Lieutenant Parag informs me that no fewer than three of my deckhands have requested transfer off the Trader at our next port. I inquired, but they all cited personal reasons and said no more. When we return to Kandurren I shall relieve them of service and that is the end of the matter. I have set Parag about the task of replacing them.

18 Fol, HR 132
Payment has been delivered to Lord Vorek, and the Trader is docked for the week.

29 Fol, HR 132
A Consortium courier delivered a message to me. Lord Amshir’s servants have uncovered cargo in need of transport. Amshir has hired the Trader to take charge of his cargo in Kalandurren and deliver it to Sigil.

10 Aman, HR 132
Lord Amshir’s message did not specify the risks I undertook in taking it aboard. Ordinarily I’m loathe to even make port in Kalandurren, much less take on crew from there. However, Parag says they’re able hands, and it’s a poor captain doesn’t take his lieutenant’s advice.

26 Aman, HR 132
The cargo is secured in the lower deck. Lieutenant Parag and his new hands have taken on shifts keeping it secure. I pray to the gods that our precautions hold, or it will be the death of us all.

4 Elidos, HR 132
Lieutenant Parag and his “deckhands” are confined to quarters for the remainder of the voyage. The bastard is a Sinker and the deckhands he hired are all Doomguard thugs. I caught them plotting to sabotage the ship and make off with the sphere. The lot of them are truly barmy, and I feel a fool to have been peeled so.

5 Elidos, HR 132
Parag asked me to show him the amulet. “Just for a second,” he said. The sod must think I’m as barmy as him. I’ve secured the amulet in my personal locker for safekeeping when my own trusted men aren’t guarding the sphere. What’s important is the sphere is safely contained.

6 Elidos, HR 132
Master Ealon tells me to set down on Avidarel tomorrow and leave the Doomguard mutineers hipped there. The Entropy Rats are proving more trouble than they are worth, but from what I’ve heard of that dark rock I hardly feel comfortable consigning them to such a place. Better to stay the course for Sigil and remand them to the Sodkillers when we arrive at Deepsilver. I remain conflicted, as I have my doubts that they can manage their own troubles, much less fresh prisoners. The last time I spent any real time in Sigil they seemed a shadow of their former strength.

Tau Danu Logbook

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