The Players

Five intrepid adventurers, seeking their fortunes in the wide open multiverse…

Dramatis Personae

Arillia, bariaur seeker (played by Kristin)
Alierris, human rogue (played by Steve)
Karthas, human cleric of Erathis (played by Miles)
Ni’shand, githzerai fighter (played by Tom)
Shade, tiefling warlock (played by Colin)

XP Counts

Character Level Current XP Next Level XP
Arillia 12 37,712 39,000
Alierris 12 37,712 39,000
Karthas 12 37,712 39,000
Ni’shand 12 37,712 39,000
Shade 12 37,712 39,000

The Players

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