Loose Ends

Shemeshka the Marauder, Sigil’s most powerful information broker, has shared inside information on the Planar Trade Consortium and their deal to sell a sphere of annihilation.

This information was obtained through one of Shemeshka’s spies, Sarana Kreel, planted close to the traders involved. The spy never discovered who the intended buyer was for the sphere, and in fact died under unknown circumstances. Shemeshka has reason to believe that a telepath was involved. The risk to a secret-keeper like Shemeshka that one of her informants may have had her mind read is too great. She wants you to look into the matter and take care of whoever killed her spy. As a mastermind of Sigil’s underworld, Shemeshka doesn’t intend to let her spy’s killer live.

Shemeshka considers this to be payment for the information she shared about the Planar Trade Consortium.

Objective: Find out who killed Sarana Kreel.

Objective: Eliminate the killer.

Loose Ends

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