Traders Among Us

The party is in possession of a sphere of annihilation that was being transported by the Planar Trade Consortium on board the Tau Danu Trader. The PTC offers a substantial reward for the return of the cargo.

Objective: Find the sphere of annihilation.
Complete: The party Finding the Tau Danu Trader from the wreckage of the Tau Danu Trader.

Objective: Investigate the background of the Planar Trade Consortium clerks who were transporting the sphere.
Complete: Shemeshka has informed you that Elby Prass, a minor clerk of the PTC working in the customs house of Ulias Whil, arranged the sale. Ordinarily, such an object would be too dangerous for the PTC to deal in, but Prass is more ambitious than sensible. He set up a deal whereby an unknown buyer would pay for the PTC to act as middlemen and transportation, and overlooked protocol in order to keep the buyer’s identity hidden. Now, with the ship wrecked, it seems it has all crashed down around Prass and Whil.

Objective: Determine who was the intended recipient of the sphere of annihilation.

Objective: Go to Ulias Whil customs house and arrange to return the sphere for a reward.

Traders Among Us

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